Call for Papers

2019 3rd International Workshop on Education, Big Data and Information Technology

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

I. Theory, methods, development and applications of data science and information technology in Education and Psychology

Educational applications of digital technologies
Psychology of learning and communication
Pedagogy for individual, group and collaborative learning
Cognitive psychology
Neuroscience and brain science
Learning support and guidance
Design, development and application of learning tools and systems
Innovation in educational systems
Leadership and management in technological innovation and change
Open, distance, blended and flipped learning
Engineering Education
Monitoring and quality assurance
Higher Education
Evaluation and University Ranking
Cross-research on education and big data/data science
Cross-research on education and information technology

II. Big Data and Data Science

Data Models and Algorithms
Data Architectures and Structure
Data Management
Data Security and Privacy
Data in Smart Cities
Data Search, Mining, and Visualization
Data Technologies, Services and Applications
Cross-research on big data/data science and education

III. Information Technology and Computer Science

Biometric Identification
Biocomputing and Bioinformatics
Computational Intelligence
Cognitive Processing
Computer Vision
Deep learining
Document Recognition and Understanding
Intelligent Information Processing
Intelligent Modeling and Control Theory
Intelligent Video Surveillance
Machine Learning
Mass Information Processing
Multimedia Information Processing
Nature Language Processing
Nonlinear System
Pattern Recognition
Speech and Character Recognition
Signal Processing
Word Recognition
Simulation and Modeling
Cross-research on information technology and education