About School of General Education of WBU

2020 4th International Workshop on Education, Big Data and Information Technology

About SGE

The School of General Education, a secondary teaching administration of Wuhan Business University, works on the construction and management of the general education curriculum for the university as a whole, carries out theoretical research of general education and organizes academic exchanges proactively. With 25 full-time teachers, the school has set up teams separately with well-known scholars in the relevant fields hired as chief experts of each team for the six major modules of the general education curriculum of Wuhan Business University: Sinology and Art of Business, Technology and Innovation, Civilization and Etiquette, Speculation and Expression, Art and Aesthetics, Management and Service.
Adhering to the concept of “Enrichment, Self-cultivation and Ingenuity”, this school, with the construction of core courses in the six major modules taken as an opportunity, explores and practices new concepts and new paths of generall education and provides general education of Wuhan Business University with theoretical and academic support for the purpose of developing general education culture and curriculum system with the characteristics of Wuhan Business University.
Under the guidance of the Academic Affairs Office of Wuhan Business University, this school follows the university’s guideline for general education, formulates the general education plan of the university, builds and improves the general education curriculum system and the textbooks, takes charge of teaching and quality management of the general courses of the university, organizes training and performance assessment of general course teachers and teaching assistants and handles daily work of general education of the university as a whole.
This school gets engaged in social service proactively, creates a culture of general education, enhances social responsibility undertaking of teachers and students, strives to serve regional economic and social development, promotes the rank of the university among domestic universities of China in terms of general education and expands the social impact of general education of this university.